Wedding Piper

Robert Walker: Highland Bagpiper for Hire

The bride and the bride’s maids will also be greeted before being piped in to the ceremony. I can play during the ceremony, a hymn such as Amazing grace. Or during the signing of the register. I will play as the guests are leaving and provide a few tunes while pictures are being taken.

I can play at the reception during the cocktail hour and then I will play the bride and groom to the top table for the wedding breakfast, offering uniqueness to your special day.

When is the best time to have a piper play?

Before the ceremony

A piper can pipe your guests into the church/place of ceremony and announce the arrival of the bride. You can have your piper pipe you down the aisle to a traditional ‘air’ such as Highland Cathedral, Amazing Grace, Suo Gan or a tune of your choice. (I have played these tunes accompanied by the church organ with great effect)

During the ceremony

Your piper can play a selection of tunes of 5 minutes duration during the ceremony or at the signing of the register.

At the end of the service

Have your piper play the married couple and guests out of the church. Your piper should play for approximately 15 minutes whilst a few photographs are taken and the happy couple are driven off.

Playing at the receiption

During the cocktail hour a solo piper can blend into the room or gardens and provide background music for your guests. When your guest are seated, it is nice to have the piper escort the bride and groom to their seats while playing the tune such as “Marie’s Wedding” adding uniqueness to your special day.

Choice of music

The piper will have a good selection of tunes that he will play.

Please ask if you have a special request.


Several factors may influence the cost. Expect to pay extra fees for your piper that has to travel longer distances to perform at your function. Playing time, and your pipers time at the venue are also a factor. When requesting a piper to play at the ceremony and at the reception, several hours of time may be needed to be set aside to perform at both. If you would like to contact me regarding my fees please contact me.

Once I have received your request I will respond within 48 hours.